The grand opening of SHACMAN Vietnam 4S shop

The grand opening ceremony of SHACMAN’s Vietnam 4S shop was held on Oct 24, 2015. Deputy general manager Wei Xiaofeng of Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile Import and Export Company along with over 100 SHACMAN Vietnam officer employees, Vietnam government officials, local dealers, local services providers, local customers and local media attended this event.


“SHACMAN is an world renowned heavy duty truck enterprise and have been at the forefront in promoting the transformation and upgrading of service oriented manufacturing and finding customer needs in recent years. We strive to incorporate the concept of “Product plus Service” in all aspects of the enterprise production and management. For the situation in the Vietnam market, SHACMAN has done specific adaptive development and improvement to fully meet the local regulations and user needs. At the same time, SHACMAN has also constructed a large scale accessories warehouse and service station, guaranteeing the perfect service solution.” Said deputy general manager Wei Xiaofeng during the grand opening ceremony speech.


During the event, local SHACMAN dealers expressed their recognition of the SHACMAN brand and promised that they will bring the best products, services and customer satisfaction in cooperation with SHACMAN. Local logistics companies expressed their positive feedback regarding the safety, reliability and efficiency of SHACMAN products.
As the highlight of the event, Vietnam’s government leadership together with SHACMAN personnel and the local guests participated in the ribbon cutting event, marking the official opening of the 4S shop. During the event, SHACMAN along with local dealer announced the promotional event and its service policy; receiving a strong reaction from the customers, whom then came to learn more about SHACMAN product configurations and its related service policies. Many customers had the opportunity to sit in the driver seat of one the high end products SHACMAN brought for display.


This event drew much attention from local industries and customers, with many of them traveling from all around the country to attend. We believe that with the gradual deepening of the SHACMAN brand in Vietnam, there will be more and more users feeling the quality of SHACMAN products and personal services. Next, SHACMAN will hold a number of interactive promotional in Vietnam and we hope to see you there!