SHACMAN X3000 Along The World—Debut in Malaysia 2016

SHACMAN X3000 Delivery Ceremony in Malacca
Cooperated with regional dealers, Shaanxi Automobile Group held a great Delivery Ceremony for SHACMAN X3000 in the Malacca On February 19th 2016. There are new and old customers of SHACMAN as well as representatives from Malaysia automotive industry attending this event. Besides, journalists from Asian Trucker magazine will report the whole process.
As one of the most economically developed country in Southeast Asia, Malaysia has been doing well in heavy truck market. For the regional market situation, Malaysia Office of SHACMAN grasped the market opportunities, implanted the first SHACMAN X3000 prototype in Malaysia market in February 2015, and conducted various forms of promotion activities in the second half of 2015. Eventually, they succeeded in winning 8 tractor order—-SHACMAN X3000 WP12.430. According to customer’s individual requirements, the color of the vehicle had been sprayed again.
SHACMAN X3000 series is the brand new generation heavy trucks of Shaanxi Automobile Group, based on customer needs, which mainly develop high-end load transportation segment. Its high reliability, comfort and high horsepower have been endorsed unanimously by users.
During the ceremony, customers asked about vehicle assembly, chassis modules and some details. After test driving, customers are very satisfied with vehicle appearance, comfort and the manufacturing process, indicating that these vehicles will soon be used to transport building materials between Johor and Klang

This delivery ceremony enhanced the reputation of SHACMAN brand, showing the most important advantage of SHACMAN products— led by customer demands. All guests present showed great confidence in product quality and after-sales service and look forward to the glory of SHANMAN in Malaysia.