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M3000 Series


OverviewA Truck You Can Depend OnComfortable and Safe
With a proven design, the M3000 series is one of the most balanced product. Lightweight, effiencent and innovative, the M3000 bring about a new standard in truck quality.

M3000 series are the latest class of vehicles to join our export family, introduced in 2011 they inherit the classic quality of our 45 years experience in heavy truck manufacturing. Beautiful, lightweight and comfortable, the M3000 exceeds our customers’ expectations in all categories. Typical uses for the M3000 vehicles include construction, local and domestic distribution of goods, as well as short transport and services.

the M3000 series, With a proven design,Lightweight, effiencent and innovative.

■ Lightweight European design, precision power matching
■ Optimized intake module decreasing intake resistance by 6%
■ Efficient real axles that increase transmission efficiency by 13%
■ Intercooler resistance reduced by 29%
■ engine power loss reduced by 8%
■ Efficient tires which reduces rolling resistance by 10%
■ Cooling module developed from adopting German Behr BISS simulation software increasing cooling capacity by 10%

The M3000 series uses brand new European TGS cabin technology with improved cabin tightness, sound proofing and insulation making your work day more enjoyable and safe, the M3000 bring about a new standard in truck quality.

■ European ECE-R29 collision test certified
■ Imported curved high strengh windshield
■ Sedan inspired interior design
■ Spacious interior with 8 new storage locations
■ Sleeping bed width increased to 750mm
■ Telescopic shaft gear shift mechanism