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SHACMAN’s purpose has always been customer satisfaction from start to end. Through the establishment of research, efficiency, integrity and pragmatic service networks, SHACMAN has standardized quality service. We will continue to examine, in-depth, of our services, our customers, and the market to find new innovative service concepts, improve our service management. We will make sure that every one of our product and service suppliers, parts suppliers, parts distributors can join in to better serve our customers, we will stand side by side to continuously build our brand image, creating the gold standard in the heavy truck industry.


1. Fault elimination method and steps
2. Electronic controlled engine fault diagnosis and elimination principle
3. Engine cannot start
4. Difficult to shift gear
5. Common faults elimination of steering system
6. Gearbox overheating
7. Common fault of 6.5 tons of front axle
8. Brake drum is hot
9. Cause of heavy direction
10. Brake cannot work
11. Vehicle is difficult to start and oil supply is not sufficient in winter
12. Tips of anti-freezing of wiper water pipe
13. Battery energy is not enough